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Anne had arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes early, and had used that time to give the place a once-over. You know, just in case. Most people, she guessed, wouldn't understand why she preferred what she did and why, seemingly oxymoronically, that she's be so careful and cautious about it. But it was relatively simple, really: endorphin rushes were one thing, ending up dead was another.

Giving herself a quick once-over in the bathroom to straighten her skirt and sweater set and fix her hair, she took the opportunity to wash her hands then before heading out to find a table.

Having to settle for a booth, though in a central location, she took out a notebook to review for class tomorrow. Every now and then she'd flip to another page to write down a note or two, sometimes about class, other times about what she needed to look into for her 'extracirricular' activities.

She wasn't sure if life might become more interesting after this meeting with Ryan, but if it did, she certainly wouldn't mind.

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Ryan was similarly cautious, himself. He did a little bit of background-checking on Miss Anne Marie Barnes and knew enough about her now to feel pretty comfortable with this meeting. In fact, he was pretty impressed. She was smart, doing well in her studies... and more fascinating than ever. The little verbal dance they'd done had whetted his appetite. Now they'd actually dine.

He arrived at the restaurant five minutes early, and grinned when he saw Anne already in a booth. Looks like being late isn't something she'll ever have to be "punished" for. Then again, maybe she was just being sensible and cautious.

He had no intention of hurting her, though... past a certain point, anyway. He would only hurt her as much as she wanted him to, and no more.

Oh, how he hoped he was reading things right, and she'd want him to hurt her.
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Anne made more notes in her notebook, including one to search for some books on "alternative" lifestyles and the medical profession. Surely, she wasn't unique, that there were other people with similar tastes setting out on similar careers. What if anyone ever found out what she did? She already knew that becoming a surgeon wasn't likely the best choice, nor was becoming a dermatologist or psychiatrist for that matter. What about neurology? That had some promise to it.

First do no harm, but that's only for patients. Isn't it?

Sipping her tea, she'd been so lost in thought about finding books on that topic that she hadn't caught sight of Ryan yet. I hope he doesn't turn out to be some sort of Christian fundamentalist covert ops guy who's going to tell me I'm going to Hell or some such nonsense. If he so even pulls out a copy of "The Tower" I might have to stab it with my fork. Please, do NOT be crazy like Kirk Cameron either.

A glance at her watch showed it to be two minutes from the time they'd set, and she hoped he'd turn out to be the kind of guy she'd wanted to meet, and that she'd be the same for him.
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No, Ryan definitely didn't have copies of The Watchtower tucked away. For one thing, he was a Methodist, and for another thing, his particular church didn't exactly preach against this.

Wow, she was even prettier than he'd thought when he saw her in the Nexus. And in his own world! What a bonus! He wondered how she'd found it. After all, it was supposed to be this Big Secret Thing that few knew about. That was the official excuse he had for meeting her, as far as the brass was concerned; he was supposed to subtly find out how widespread local awareness of the Nexus might really be.

It helped that he'd have happily come up with a thousand excuses to meet her, but still. It meant that he could seek her out without the brass getting upset, and that was a bonus right there.

Deliberately choosing to approach from behind her, he leaned down by her with a smile, pitching his voice low. "You look beautiful today," he told her, his voice a little huskier than he planned, and then slid into the seat across from her.
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Anne hadn't been expecting to hear him speak that way, outside of her dreams. She didn't blush often, but one in particular had left her with rather warm cheeks when she woke. And this had an immediate effect: she sat up a little straighter, her breath held in as she prepared for-- Wait, this is lunch. There is no flogging course before the salad. Just like the dream, her cheeks began to pink up.

"Thank you, Sir." Wow, that had rolled pretty easily from her mouth. Hoping to regroup and keep her cool, she had to add the other title too. "Or Lieutenant... JG." And he looked rather good himself, even better than when she'd run into him in the Nexus. I wonder what he looks like in uniform, because that's got to be incredibly hot.

"I hope you don't mind, I ordered us tea to start with. Would you like some?" So what if it's getting warmer outside, hot tea is always good.
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He grinned, a little wickedly, at her response, and hoped that he'd get to hear those first three words from her on many occasions to come. Her next words made the grin spread, and a flicker of a wink passed over his eye.

"Tea's good. How do you take it?" That could be a perfectly innocent question. Or not. He'll let her decide.
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She deserved that, didn't she? I'd love you to have some, provided we both decide the other one isn't off their rocker. Lifting up the pot to pour him a cup, she had to give in and smirk.

"Uncivilized and barbaric," The hot liquid poured from the pot and into his cup. "At least, that's what the British would call it. No sugar, no cream, no honey. I just like the tea to be what it is." And he can take that how he likes it!
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The innocent, boyish grin breaks out. "And here I am, liking things sweet and creamy."

Let her take that how she likes... he's actually being a little facetious there. He takes his tea however it comes, usually, but he couldn't resist such a perfect setup line.
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"How sweet and creamy are we talking?" He looks so innocent and clean-cut that it's hard to imagine that he really might be a Dom and an edgeplayer. Finishing his pour, she sets the pot down and offers to add sugar for him. "One lump or five?"

It's hard to take her eyes from him, even when she wants to shift and squirm in her seat. She hasn't been this fidgety in ages, not since high school, and it's disarming to say the least.
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"Two lumps... for now." He winks at her and takes advantage of the opportunity to give her a very thorough looking-over, himself. And he lets some of his desire show. He wants her to know that he thinks she's beautiful, sexy, and desirable. Among many, many other things.

He's having fantasies about tying her down to his bed and doing things to her that make her cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. That blush of hers is only intensifying his desire, and the way she's serving him the tea...

It's been a long time since he's wanted anything or anyone this much. He has a feeling that he's going to go after her with the same single-minded determination that won him a spot in the S.E.A.L.s.
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"Only two? Slice of lemon perhaps?" The server had been kind enough to leave a small bowl of lemon wedges for them too, along with a quaint-but-cute bear-shaped honey squeeze bottle. When he watches her like that, it's difficult to keep her hands steady and her gaze level.

Her dream had a lot in common with his fantasies, and it'd been so strange to find that her usually masked Dream Dom had Ryan's face. Thank God telepathy can't be proven beyond a doubt, because wow would he be getting a brainfull. But would he be willing and able to follow her rules? Cuts and marks and bruises only where should easily hide them or plan her next day's wardrobe accordingly, gags that wouldn't bite into her cheeks, and retraints that wouldn't leave tell-tale signs on her wrists and ankles? God, she certainly hoped so.

If things go well, and she hopes they will, it'll be hard to leave and go back to her apartment for the night to study alone. But what wouldn't I give to review anatomy with him? Trace his linea alba... Thinking along those lines would only make it worse, but it was impossible to not think about it.
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"I prefer to slice other things." He winks again. How he'd love to be able to read her mind right now. He'd love to even more if he knew the fantasies dancing behind her eyes at the moment, and how perfectly they match and mesh with his.

He's trying very hard to keep things relatively "clean" here. The more he talks to her, the more he doesn't want to. But they are in a public place, so they'd better behave decently. Especially since he's technically "on assignment" right now.

It's a strange time in the world at the moment. Strange and dangerous. He's never felt more energized. Okay, that's the lamest euphemism for "horny" you've come up with yet. Fine. Horny. He wants Anne... and with every moment he's growing more and more certain that the feeling is profoundly mutual.
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The feeling is rather mutual, and she wishes there were a way for this first meeting to be more private but still safe. It's frustrating to dance around the subject at hand, making her wish for a way to discreetly ask him about his interests and be able to tell him the same about hers.

She'd tried that once, a safe party for kinky people at a friend's house, and things had gone so fast. Fast enough that the delicious tease of having to wait to indulge themselves in each other was lost, and she stopped playing with Tim only a month later. There was probably something that could be said about buying the cow and milk, but with her, it'd be about submission and sharp instruments.

Taking a sip of tea, she carefully considered her reply. Why not just cut to the heart of the matter? You'll still have to wait as it is, if he's interested. "You know, it's a bit of a shame that we're not at a munch because there's a lot I'd like to ask you about what you do like to slice, but," she glances around the room and gives him a wry grin. "I obviously can't, not here."
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"I figure we can work out some decent euphemisms." Another wink.

He likes that she's being so direct. That only adds to her appeal. And he nods, because he definitely agrees with her.

"I haven't really gotten to know many of the people in the scene around here. I've been mostly... well, busy with Navy stuff, unfortunately. Have you explored it much?"
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"I should hope so, and hopefully nothing so cheesy where I ask you to say, butter my biscuit? Please?" Smirking, it's only a few seconds before she has to cover her mouth with a hand to keep from erupting in giggles. And let's hope we don't talk about tossing salad, either.

"College is good for that kind of thing, I guess. Especially, you know, art majors." She's making an assumption here that he wasn't one in school, but that department seems to have a higher concentration of them than others. "And outside campus, not really. It just seemed safer, and easier too at first, but now that I'm finishing my Junior year, well..." What she doesn't say, and probably doesn't need to, is that she's become increasingly guarded about this part of her life, not wanting anyone in her department to find out.
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"Yeah, let's definitely skip that one." He laughs, watching her expressions closely. Oh, she is too cute. A sense of humor about sex -- and about kink -- is an absolute must for him. This just gets better and better.

"Art majors, huh? Never really thought to look there. When I went to college -- not that it was THAT long ago or anything -- half the people who said they were into kink were these poser-goth-types who cut themselves because it was trendy, not because they liked the way it felt. I think I met three genuine kinksters, the whole time, and their kinks weren't actually a match with mine."
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"Yes Sir, as you wish." She's rather thankful he doesn't go for the easy cheese, and that gets him some serious bonus points.

"And how long is not THAT long ago?" She would've guessed he might be twenty-four, maybe twenty-five, but now that she reconsiders it, if he's a S.E.A.L., maybe he's another year or two older than that? "They're still out there, no doubt, but I've tried to avoid them as much as I can. I'm not exactly up for having some guy carving his name into my thigh or wearing a vial of my blood." She rolls her eyes for dramatic effect.

Quieting when the server arrives to offer them menus, she decides to take a chance on this and hands Ryan her menu. "Still paying for myself, and I'll try anything once." He can take that as he likes!
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"The things I'm wishing for right now would get us permanently banned from this restaurant." He gives her an incongruously sweet grin along with that statement.

"Four years. I'm twenty-five, but I went to college when I was seventeen." He's always been something of an overachiever. "I studied criminology but I picked up the NROTC bug from my roommate, and we ended up going in together after graduation. He's a pilot."

Grinning, he accepts the menu. "Hmmmmmm... do you like spicy things?"
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"You know, that is so not fair!" Laughing, she leans back into the seat of the booth. "Here you are, as cute as a fluffy puppy, and you have to go and say that and just... make me wonder! Because I'm pretty certain you're not wishing for say, a bone and a new leash." Now Anne, WHY couldn't you have said something else?!

"Wow, that's young." Only a year younger than most, but what a difference that year makes. "Is he on base as well?"

Spicy? God yes. "Very much so, especially ginger." Bet he wasn't expecting that one!

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That gets a funny look from him. He's been told he looks deceptively innocent before -- and in fact, that's been a big reason he's gone so far in the S.E.A.L.s and covert ops -- but she's the first one to compare him to a "fluffy puppy." Ohhh my. He wonders if that could be grounds for a spanking. "I'd be more likely to put a leash on you, I think."

Let's see how she reacts to that!

"He is. We haven't always been assigned to the same places, but we try to be if we can."

His brows quirk and his smirk grows when she mentions ginger. "Fond of figs?"

There's a good euphemism... right there!
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Oh, now there's a thought! Contemplating what that would be like, to be under his control in such a way, is fascinating. And incredibly squirm-worthy. "What kind of leash do you prefer?"

"That has to be nice, have a friend with you through school and beyond. I have a couple of friends that I hope end up with me in med school, well, assuming I get in myself." She's already been looking, hoping to find one in a larger city with potential for kinky friends.

"I love all things fig. And eating them is good too." That brings up something she's had to think quite a lot about lately, in regards to med school. "I've begun to realize that with the direction my life is going that things that don't leave marks are sometimes a necessary evil."
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He quirks an eyebrow at her. "I like a lot of kinds of leashes. What do you think of choke-chains?"

Of course, that could leave the kind of mark she doesn't want to deal with. He definitely understands why she'd have that concern.

"Yeah, that's very true. There are appearances to keep up, and a lot of people aren't very understanding about unusual hobbies." His expression is serious for a moment, but then he winks at her and a wicked smile spreads over his lips. "I think we could have a great deal of fun, though, within our arranged limits."
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"Before I decided on this major? Loved them, absolutely, so long as I trusted the person holding the other end." She wonders what kind of dish Ryan will choose for her, finding that too another way to feel out someone's personality. "Now, only for ah, very special occasions and with some padding." Yes Ryan, if things go very, very well, she might be willing to let you try sometime this summer. "Really have to be careful of the carotids, you know."

She hides a smirk behind a sip of tea. "I think so too, after finals." That's a long time to wait, or so it seems, but she's curious to see how he'll react to that. If he's amenable to it, she'll be rather inclined to reward him well, too.
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Ryan is, fortunately, a patient man, and he can certainly understand why playing with him has to come second to important exams. He nods.

"Breathplay isn't something to do lightly, that's for sure. And it's especially hard to hide bruising during the summer months. It's not like wintertime when people expect you to have long sleeves and turtlenecks on. We'll need to take a great deal of care."

He considers her, imagining some of the games they can play that would be invisible to passers-by. She'd have to be willing to let him play with very delicates parts of her body, that's for sure.

"You have beautiful skin," he adds, mentally making a note to do nothing to damage it permanently. That would be vandalism.
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He comes off as patient and cautious, just judging by the way he carries himself and she's seen him interacting with other people in the Nexus. And if he were one of those awfully horrid CollarMe TWOO DOMS, he'd already have tried to order her out to the parking lot to blow him or some such nonsense. The idea of it just might have already crossed her mind, but that's a safe place of fantasy and non-reality and nothing ever goes awry.

"Oral love in the bathtub is fun too, a little safer, but it doesn't have the same edge and thrill to it either." She gives him an appreciative smile for the consideration, though it doesn't sound like he's heard of tattoo-covering cosmetics, either. "There are ways to manage it, actually, but thick makeup on the neck isn't something I want to do every morning for a week." She'd be very interested in those games too, and incredibly curious about what he has in mind.

"Thank you, as do you. Big believer in sunscreen, I hope?" Since she's fair-skinned, she slathers it on anytime she knows she'll be outdoors in the sun.

"I hope this isn't being too forward, and doesn't sound too much like a job interview or anything," Grinning, now that she's said it it probably does. "With your last sub, if you'd played regularly, what did you like the most about your games, and what could you have gone without?"
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Oh, Ryan's having fantasies about dragging her off somewhere and forcing her to take him in his mouth. But again, that's the realm of fantasy, and he does know the difference between it and reality very well. There may come a time where he gets to act that out, but first he has to prove to her that he can be trusted not to really harm her. He's fine with that, too. Establishing trust is very important to him.

"Yes, that does qualify as breathplay, doesn't it?" He grins, and now he's thinking all kinds of erotic thoughts about being inside her mouth. Yay for restaurant napkins on laps! "I guess that's true, but that doesn't sound like it'd be much fun. Especially because then you'd have to clean off the makeup before we could play. I'm a biter."

He winks.

"And a very big believer in sunscreen, yeah." He usually has a pretty good tan by the end of the summer, but it's a gradual build-up and mostly because he's so active outside.

He grins back at her when she starts 'interviewing' him; actually, he approves of that. Way too many people rush thoughtlessly into love affairs, giving the least thought to one of the most influential and important things they take on in their lives. Maybe that's another reason the modern divorce rate is so high; many of the people having "second thoughts" are really only just finally having first thoughts about the relationship they chose the way they might impulse-buy a magazine while standing in a checkout line.

"Hmmmmmmmm... I liked the control, naturally, and getting to explore some of my darker fantasies. What I really didn't like? She often let me do things she really wasn't ready for, or didn't want to do, because she was trying too hard to please me. So she'd end up having a crappy time, and that meant I would, too, and it would have been a lot more fun if she'd owned up to her limits." He looks her over and gives her a lazy smile. "How about you? What have you learned about your likes and dislikes in a Top?"
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Maybe, if they do manage to find a time to play together and it turns out to be a regular thing for them, she'll grow her hair out a little longer to add to the fun of the illusion of being forced to do something for him. Of couse, with manners like his, she gets the impression that nothing is a chore with him. I wouldn't even need a love bite or a smack to get me going with Ryan. Confidence and ease is hotter than any of that.

"It does, but it's hard to find a deep enough tub to do it in or hope you have a friend with a pool. And I highly doubt we-- you could get away with that on base." Watch it, Anne. Jumping ahead of ourselves a little, aren't we? "There's a very good tattoo concealer I've used before, but haven't ever tried tasting it. It is waterproof and smudgeproof though, which is great."

Ohhhh, a biter, huh? That's a real soft spot for her, even more than cutting. It has its own precautions but is so thrilling and worth it in the end. "I have a confession to make, something I didn't really want to bring up when we were in the Nexus, but say, I had to choose between cutting and being bitten for the rest of my life, no way to change it later, I'd choose the latter. It's much more intimate and responsive... if I move, and the teeth grip in more tightly, mmmm. A razor is quick and clean and stings for a minute or two but then it's over." And there's a certain spot on her inner thigh that if bitten with the right amount of pressure, she'll be begging for permission to come in moments.

Anne will ask him about those soon, when it won't feel like she's overtly prying for prurient details. This is as much about giving as taking, and no one likes someone who continues to take, take, take. "I like being under his control when we play, it's like having permission to relax and not think about school or what kind of job I'll need this summer. But as much fun as it is to roleplay twenty-four seven over a weekend, I can't ever do that aside from a weekend or vacation, and I especially don't like it when some Doms claim that me not doing that all the time means I'm not a real sub."
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Oh, she's stirring even more of his fantasies now! His expression probably shows just how much he loves her answers, and that little we slip has delighted him. He's thinking a great deal about how much fun it will be to play those games with her. If there are other interesting women around, he just stopped noticing them.

"If you didn't want to think at all, ever, I don't think I'd even have given you a second glance," he replies, a mischievous smile on his face. "Honestly, what's the point in Topping someone who's always on the bottom about anything anyway? That's about as difficult as walking on a rug. I like someone with spirit."

And, if he's not mistaken, Anne is a wonderfully spirited woman. All the better. That means they'll actually have real things to talk about when it's time for pillow talk.
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"Good! Because there's also nothing worse than a Top or Dom who -- unless we've agreed to it beforehand -- has the reason for everything be, 'Because I'm the Dom.' If I wanted that, I'd move back home and get some horrible parents." Snickering into her tea, her parents are anything but horrible, actually, and opinions were and always are encouraged.

"So you like the feeling of accomplishment I take it? Wrasslin' your sub under control?" In some respects, he looks too cute to want to ever do that, but looks are deceiving, aren't they? Rearranging the napkin on her lap, she continues. "And before I forget, do you like to plan out the entire scene in advance, or take things as they come, so long as everything is within our limits?" Nope, not correcting the pronoun this time!
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"And from where I'm sitting, there's nothing worse than a bottom or sub who -- unless it's the plan for the evening -- doesn't put up any resistance when I test her limits. I used to get so pissed off, as a kid, if I caught a grownup letting me win a game. I wanted to win, but I wanted to win because I was good, not because someone else was throwing it." He winks at her. "I should probably tell you right now that if you ever call me 'Daddy,' it's all over."

He gives her a little theatrical shudder to let her know what he thinks of that kink.

"And I would love to wrassle you down." He winks at her. "Sometimes it's fun to have a generalized plan, but... it's also a lot of fun to find out where a scene takes us." He's not going to correct the pronoun either! "If there's something specific we want to do, that can be a nice roadmap, but surprises are fantastic, too."
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"I couldn't agree with you more, actually! I always loved rough-housing with other kids, not enough to get in trouble, but not so easy to just slip away and escape either." The mention of 'Daddy,' however, coaxes a bark of laughter from her. "God no! And you'd be seeing the blurr of my ass as I ran out the door if you wanted me to call you that."

In response to his shudder, she grins and leans in closer across the table, smirking. "And I should tell you right now that I usually break a bed frame every six months or so." Of course, it's all from goofing off and silly wrestling matches, which might be a fun way to test the waters first. Study break!
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"I like the sound of that! Do you break it on your own or do you need help with that?" Wouldn't he love to help her with that? Oh hell yes, he would. "Do you like to be chased down at all? Say, if you manage to escape and get a running start, but don't actually get away for long?"

Because that's another of his favorite games.
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"I usually need some help with it, and experience has taught me that if I sit on the corner and get pounced? Yeah, the bed fram is going doooown!" Even though it's a pain to have to shell out another sixty dollars for a new frame, the hilarity of it at the time is priceless.

"Oh, run-and-chase games are the best, especially if it's a group camping trip or something. We figure out the boundaries, make sure we won't get caught, and if you're caught, you're declared spoils and get hauled off to a new tent." And if Jeanine and Brandon have any say, they're doing that again this summer.

"So..." Her fingertips play along the edge of the saucer of her teacup. "I'm going to be pretty busy for the rest of the semster but I do take study breaks. Probably not as fun as I'd like, but enough to keep me from going batty until school's out for the summer. If you're interested, I haven't had a broken bedframe all semester, which is a shame." There's a very faint hint of a blush on her cheeks, tossing the offer out there like that. But what good is it to be interested in someone and not let them know?
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"That sounds like a very effective method for breaking a frame." He winks at her. "What kinds of things do you like to do on your study breaks? Need any help with them?"

He's perfectly all right with the idea that she might want to get to know him better before she lets him really play with her, but starting a few preliminary games has enormous appeal to him. And he loves the camping trip idea.

"I'm a big fan of camping, too," he tells her with a grin. "Maybe I can help you break your bedframe when you need a study break soon?"

Why be subtle?
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"Pretty much anything that doesn't involve studying, really. Yoga, Pilates, running, going out to dinner, breaking a bed frame. You know, the usual." She can't disguise being pleased that he'd like to help her out with that.

"Absolutely, if you're game. But at midnight, so you won't see me turn into a pumpkin, which really means, do poorly on the next test, I'll have to kick you out." However much she'll want him to stay and take things even further, she'll have to stand firm -- mostly with herself -- that they stop and she be in bed by herself then.

Pulling out her PDA, she taps the screen to pull up her calendar. If she ever loses this thing she'll be pretty screwed, though she's got a backup on her laptop too. "Hmmmm... how's the twenty-first for you?" Indeed, why be subtle?
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He pulls out his own PDA and quickly checks to make sure he's not scheduled for active duty that evening. Perfect. "The twenty-first is a go. And agreed, I don't want you doing badly on your tests, so at midnight, I'll kiss you good-night and go peacefully."

He winks at her, and can't help imagine what it will be like to have that kiss with her.

"So... dinner and bed-frame vandalism?"
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Oh ho! Well, this is a plus! She likes her Doms to be as organized as she is, if not more. So it's a double standard, is dot_bdsm_snark going to sue me or something? Ryan just earned several bonus bitey points. "Awesome." The corners of her mouth tug up into a sly grin. "I even get a good-night kiss too?"

Oh boy, and where she'd like to kiss him good-night is off-limits per her own rules. Wow, I'd love to be a hypocrite that night, but somehow I doubt he'll let me anyway.

"It's a date! Or vandalism, whichever you prefer. Shall we eat in, and I cook for you, or eat out first?" Yep, that's a loaded one, and he can take it however he likes.
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2007-04-18 10:09 pm (local) (link) Select
Ryan also has a real love of organization, and was very glad to see her PDA. He's dealt with a few wanna-be subbies who expected him to take over running the minutiae of their lives. No thank you. Anne's more attractive than ever to him because she has plans and goals for her life, ones that don't depend on him doing things for her. He fully intends to back her on them, of course, but he's glad that she's not expecting a sugar-daddy. Or any kind of "daddy."

"You absolutely do, and I think we can call it a date." He winks. "Mind if I take you out to dinner first that night? I'll bet you're a fantastic cook but I'd like you to get a little more unwinding time on your study break."

And no, he won't let her break her own rules that night. As much as it might be fun to find someone who 'fucks on the first date,' how long could that really be fun? He wants to get to know her on every level, especially because some of the things he wants to do, later on, will require her absolute trust in him.
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2007-04-18 10:19 pm (local) (link) Select
If he were to ever suggest she stop working and serve him full time? Yeah, she'd be out of there in short order too. She has to take care of herself first and foremost, however selfish that might seem, but she wants to be independent and able to support herself completely on her own. As for "daddy," she hasn't called her own father than in over ten years and doesn't intend to call anyone that ever again.

"I think I can be persuaded. Or is that a command?" It's hard not to tease him about that, but it would be nice to get out of her apartment for a while. "But seriously, a brief change of scenery would be greatly appreciated."

Oh, she'd love to do that too, but it would likely take some of the fun and mystery away. You know, for after finals. I wonder if I should tell him the scale of what I'll allow myself to do and when I'll do it based on my grades... or would that be too wicked?
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2007-04-18 10:24 pm (local) (link) Select
Given his profession, self-reliance is something he absolutely needs in a girlfriend, even a submissive one. He could get deployed for a few days or a few months with virtually no warning, and he has to be realistic about that. He has to know that whoever he's involved with is capable of handling herself while he's gone. He's heard horror stories from other Doms of subs who expected to have all the thinking done for them after they submitted, and couldn't handle the other aspects of a Master who answered to the military. And he personally doesn't want to hear someone call him "daddy" for many years-- fatherhood is years away in his future, he hopes!

His grin widens at her. "Hmmmm... I think that's a command." He gives her another wink so that she knows that, if she really wants to cook that night, she can probably persuade him to go along with it. But it does sound like the change of scenery will really do her good by then. "Any place in town that you've been dying to try but haven't gotten to yet?"

Because he's all about fulfilling fantasies, too.
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2007-04-18 10:44 pm (local) (link) Select
If Ryan is suddenly deployed, she'll understandably be disappointed but life for her does go on. She'd write him, of course, but not hold out hope that he'd be back here anytime soon or interested in playing with her. There's a possibility that she's wrong on all accounts, but it's best not to get too emotionally invested in someone that can't or won't work out no matter how much you want them to.

"As you wish, and I'm sure I'll wish too that night. I have a paper due that next week, then the finals from hell." What to choose? Decisions, decisions. "There's a Mexican place I've wanted to try, the Blue Cactus, or maybe the Cedar Tree for Lebanese. Anywhere you'd like to go?" Because her palate is flexible just like the rest of her.
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2007-04-18 11:24 pm (local) (link) Select
"I've never been to either one. Mike and I have been challenging each other to try all things Middle-Eastern, though, so how about the Cedar Tree?" The logic behind that challenge is pretty sensible, really, if slightly disturbing, because both men are aware that they're most likely to be deployed to the Middle East right now. Who knows, in a few years, the geopolitical tensions may shift enough that they're studying Asian languages and cuisine. But not yet.

"I hope you won't mind me saying that I love the way those words sound from you, by the way." He means the as you wish, of course. His mind is already trying to come up with as many ways to get her to say those words as possible.
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2007-04-18 11:35 pm (local) (link) Select
"Certainly! Have you ever had Lebanese before?" Though it's been a while, she's fond of several dishes and has wanted an excuse to go there. Turkish is another favorite, as is Greek, but she'll pass on Moroccan. Ah, the military. She wonders if that's why he's interested, but that's contemplation for another time.

"The part about finals and hell?" If he were sitting of the same side of the table, she'd be ducking from a playful swat she knows she deserves. "And as you wish, Sir. You know... we've talked about likes, dislikes, safety, those sorts of things, but what really does it for you?" It'd be too crass and ear-catching to ask him what turns him on and drives him wild, but if he tells her, she might just see what she can do to make it happen.
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2007-04-18 11:45 pm (local) (link) Select
"I haven't. I'm very interested in trying it, though. Have you?" If she has, he may well ask her for recommendations to start with. Because he can still be a manly Dom and take advice from a submissive, and he knows it very well.

He laughs at her next question. Yes, that would have earned her a playful swat if she'd been closer. Or a spanking. Probably not while they were out in public, though. In response, he shakes his head and winks at her to let her know that she miiiiiight be in trouble later. If she'd like to be, of course. Oh, he hopes she'd like to be.

"Honestly, what does it for me most of all -- and I think this might be why Mike and I are such good friends, because he feels the same way -- is the combination of power, trust, and pleasure." He leans forward, lowering his voice a little to make sure only she hears what he's saying. "Pain figures into it too, yeah, but I love knowing that the things I'm doing are getting my partner off. And I would love to take you into Sub-Space, because that's one of the biggest turn-ons ever."

He considers the question another minute. "I'd say I'm probably a huge neat-freak because some of the games I like to play could lead to infection if things aren't kept clean. So good grooming is another huge turn-on for me." His gaze moves admiringly over her, because she has lovely hygiene.

"How about you?"
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2007-04-18 11:57 pm (local) (link) Select
"It's been a while, but I have. And you can never go wrong with hummus and olives to start, which I would be surprised if they didn't have." If the Cedar Tree has a menu online, she'll track it down in advance. Wow, can Ryan rack up the brownie points or what? He's a dangerous one, hot, smart, and not priggish nut of twooness. I really don't want to wake up if this is a very vivid dream.

Is he kidding? She's quite curious about what it'd be like to be bare-assed and over his knee. Not that that can happen today, but it certainly is a lovely thought and enough of one to make her squirm thinking about it.

"Sub-space?" Uh huh. Anne's heard stories and seen the blogs about it, but is it real? She doesn't place a whole lot of trust in psychology or psychiatry and isn't sure if she ever could, and isn't sure what to think about this in particular. "So you feel it's a real thing? I've never been there, myself, and haven't decided if it's total BS or not. You up for a challenge then?" If he can make it happen, then maybe she'll change her mind about it being bunk.

"I have to say, it's really difficult to not like everything you say. And like it a lot. If I didn't know better, no, it's silly. I would've remembered meeting you before." How could she forget someone like him? "Really straight, white, perfect teeth... especially if they're biting me somewhere I can see."
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2007-04-20 07:34 pm (local) (link) Select
"Hummus and olives I already know I like." He grins at her, bearing exactly the kind of teeth that get her off, apparently. Wow, she's practically made to order for me. Everything I like best, and none of the things, so far, that turn me off. Mike's right about that Nexus-place being uncanny. Fancy walking right into each other there...

He'll be delighted to give her a thorough spanking at her earliest convenience. Which, sadly, will probably be after finals, but he's a patient guy.

"I've seen people go into sub-space. They get very calm, kind of trancey... it's neat to watch. Kind of a serious responsibility, too, because they're very suggestible. I don't think it happens unless a sub feels very trusting of their Top." He winks at her. "And I'm always up for a challenge."

He has a feeling that it may take a while for him to earn enough of her trust to get her to sub-space, but that kind of autohypnotic state seems to be more easily-achieved by intelligent and imaginative people, so he suspects she'll be a natural if she's at ease.

"I know I wouldn't have forgotten you if we'd met before. But I'm really glad you like what I'm saying. You're saying all the right things for me, too."

So much so that he has to resist the temptation to command her to come home with him. He won't do that so soon. There's a great deal of trust to be built first.
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