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Jul. 8th, 2007 02:31 pm
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One final down and three more and a paper to go! It's written but needs proofing one more time.

Ryan and Mike? THANK YOU for an awesome weekend and studybreak. I sent that e-mail I told you both about late last night, so you should both have it.
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Tonight, with Ryan, was amazing. Everything with him is so easy and natural and relaxed, and my God, the way he held me and comforted me was incredible. I hope we're able to see a lot of each other, and that he's enjoying this as much as I am.
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Two days until Ryan and I go to the Cedar Tree for dinner.

Two days until Ryan comes over to my apartment and we break a bed frame.

Two more nights of wondering how things will go, and wishing I hadn't been so adamant about the rules for Saturday.


Apr. 17th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Anne had arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes early, and had used that time to give the place a once-over. You know, just in case. Most people, she guessed, wouldn't understand why she preferred what she did and why, seemingly oxymoronically, that she's be so careful and cautious about it. But it was relatively simple, really: endorphin rushes were one thing, ending up dead was another.

Giving herself a quick once-over in the bathroom to straighten her skirt and sweater set and fix her hair, she took the opportunity to wash her hands then before heading out to find a table.

Having to settle for a booth, though in a central location, she took out a notebook to review for class tomorrow. Every now and then she'd flip to another page to write down a note or two, sometimes about class, other times about what she needed to look into for her 'extracirricular' activities.

She wasn't sure if life might become more interesting after this meeting with Ryan, but if it did, she certainly wouldn't mind.

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